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RBHS Chancellor Awards

Introduced in 2020, the RBHS Chancellor Awards were established to acknowledge the extraordinary work of RBHS faculty and staff and celebrates institution-wide excellence in research in the biomedical and health sciences; clinical care; community service; mentorship; education; leadership; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and staff service and support.

Nominated by their peers, recipients of the awards are selected by the RBHS Chancellor Awards Committee, which reviews the contributions of the nominees. Please join us in celebrating the exemplary work of the inaugural RBHS Chancellor Awardees.

Chancellor Basic Sciences Researcher Award 

  • Emily Barrett (School of Public Health and the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute), Associate Professor: For her leading role in assessing the early life effects of environmental and occupational exposures on maternal and child health. 
  • Maria L. Gennaro (New Jersey Medical School and the Public Health Research Institute), Professor of Medicine: For her work in infectious diseases with emphasis on host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis. 
  • Zhiping Pang (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), Associate Professor: For his contributions to the study of neurodevelopment and neuropsychiatric disorders and discovery of new technologies to advance neuroscience research. 

Chancellor Clinical or Health Sciences Investigator Award 

  • Nancy Reichman (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), Professor of Pediatrics: For her studies of the effect of socioeconomic status on infant and child health.  
  • Corina Weinberger (School of Nursing and the Global Health Institute), Assistant Professor:  For her contributions to our understanding of the health and well-being of stigmatized populations including LGBT and racial and ethnic minorities.   

Chancellor Clinical or Health Care Excellence Award 

  • Judith Barberio (School of Nursing), Associate Professor: For her contributions to clinical practice, nursing education, and the community, and her efforts in caring for minority, underserved populations. 
  • Bruce Haffty (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey), Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Programs: For promoting excellence in the delivery of clinical and health care services by expanding clinical programs, improving access to care, and strengthening (?) patient care, safety, and education. 

Chancellor Community Service Award 

  • Damali Campbell (New Jersey Medical School), Assistant Professor: For her leadership in, and passion for, community service - bridging the gaps in care for underserved and underrepresented women.   
  • Lucio Volino (Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy), Associate Professor: For his efforts in implementing numerous disease management and prevention programs for underserved communities. 

Chancellor Distinguished Mentor Award 

  • Cristine Delnevo (School of Public Health and the Global Health Institute), Professor and Director, Center for Tobacco Studies:  For her outstanding mentorship, best evidenced by the positive career trajectories of her mentees.    

Chancellor Educator of the Year Award 

  • Lauren Aleksunes (Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute), Professor: For her dedication to the education and mentoring of students across multiple disciplines. 
  • Sarang Kim (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), Associate Professor of Medicine: For her dedication to clinical education, instilling in her learners the need to provide high quality and evidence-based care. 

Chancellor Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award 

  • Pat Whitley-Williams (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases:  For her passion and achievements in promoting diversity and inclusion in academic medicine and the communities she serves. 

Chancellor Staff Service Award 

  • James McIntosh (School of Dental Medicine), Director of Facility Administration: For his strong commitment, citizenship, and going above and beyond to support the needs of RBHS faculty. 

Chancellor Staff Award for Emerging Leaders: 

  • Bianca Thompson-Owen (School of Public Health), Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Success, Director of the Educational Opportunity Fund Program: For her commitment to the education and success of students in the health care professions.              

Chancellor Staff Support Award 

  • Donna Weeks (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), Department of Pediatrics, Program Support and HR Management: For her many years of dedicated service to the clinical mission of RBHS.