RBHS Progress Report

To Members of the RBHS Community:

I am pleased to inform you of the progress we have made as an organization since my last report in February. Highlights include the launching of national searches to fill three dean positions and the continuing development of the RBHS strategic plan.

First, a search firm, Russell Reynolds Associates, has been retained to assist us in searches for deans for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the School of Health Related Professions, and the School of Public Health. Each school is in the process of selecting faculty members for the search committees. I also am pleased to announce that Dr. Robert DiPaola, Dean Cecile Feldman, and Dr. Al Tallia have graciously agreed to serve as chairs of these search committees, respectively.

Second, I am very pleased with the progress of our strategic planning. Since my last update, 31 working groups have been formed to focus on potential RBHS signature areas, educational initiatives, and enabling structures. Each working group will submit a proposal early in May that will include analysis (existing strengths, gaps, and opportunities), recommendations, a timeline, and outcome metrics. The RBHS Strategic Planning Steering Committee will review proposals and recommend that six to eight be selected as signature programs and others be selected as educational initiatives. In addition, several infrastructure proposals will be selected to enable and enhance the implementation of the signature programs and educational initiatives. These recommendations will lay the groundwork for a five-year RBHS strategic plan to be integrated into the university-wide plan.

Please see our strategic planning website (http://rbhs-stratplan.rutgers.edu), launched today, for: RBHS faculty/staff/student and Rutgers faculty survey results, which contributed greatly to the selection of working group topics; the focus of each of the working groups and names of working group co-chairs and members (I encourage you to contact them and provide input); and more. Please check the site regularly through June and feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions (use the “contact us” box on the website or send an email message to: strategicplan@ca.rutgers.edu).

Guidance for the RBHS strategic plan is also provided by our “Future of the U.S. Health Delivery System” speaker series. For podcasts of previous presentations and information about future speakers, please see our speaker series webpage: http://rbhs.rutgers.edu/healthdelivery_series.shtml. Our next speaker is Louise Russell, PhD, whose presentation at noon on Monday, April 21, is entitled: “Value for Money: How CostEffectiveness Analysis Contributes to Better Health.” Please join us for lunch at that event in the Clinical Academic Building, Conference Room 1302 (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick) or at either of our simulcast locations: Dean’s Conference Room 123 (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway) and Stanley S. Bergen Building, Auditorium 3, 3rd floor (School of Health Related Professions, Newark).

I would like to publically acknowledge the contributions made to our strategic plan by steering committee members (http://rbhs-stratplan.rutgers.edu/committees/steering-committee) and working group co-chairs and members (http://rbhs-stratplan.rutgers.edu/committees/working-groups), all of whom have committed a considerable amount of effort and energy within a very short time to help us move forward with a plan that will enable RBHS to become the organization we envision. They have risen to the challenge. Thanks to all!

Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH
Chancellor, Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences