RBHS Faculty Promotion and Tenure Appointments

I am pleased to announce that the following faculty members were promoted and/or granted tenure effective July 1, 2017.

This impressive slate of faculty members are leaders in RBHS, the University, and their respective fields. The achievements of our colleagues demonstrates our exceptional contributions as an institution to basic science investigation and to the practice and teaching of the health professions. The accomplishments of these faculty will be celebrated at a reception later this month.

Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on their all efforts and accomplishments.

Ernesto Mario School of Pharmacy
Deepali Dixit, Clinical Associate Professor
Megan Maroney, Clinical Associate Professor

New Jersey Medical School
Gopal Babu, Associate Professor 
Paula Bartlett, Assistant Professor
Krista Blackwell, Assistant Professor
David Bleich, Professor
Lawrence Budnick, Professor
Neeraj Chauhan, Associate Professor
Joan Durbin, Professor, award of tenure
Onajovwe Fofah, Associate Professor
Joel Freundlich, Associate Professor, award of tenure
Yuriy Gubenko, Associate Professor
Iris Herrera, Associate Professor
Joe Huang, Associate Professor
Najeeb Hussain, Associate Professor
Andrew Kaufman, Professor
Constantnos Lovoulos, Associate Professor
James Maher, Associate Professor
Aziz Merchant, Associate Professor
Iona Monteiro, Professor
James O'connor, Associate Professor, award of tenure
Dominga Padilla, Associate Professor
Anuradha Patel, Professor
Janice Prontnicki, Associate Professor
Nikolaos Pyrsopoulos, Professor
Natalie Roche, Associate Professor
Hosseinali Shahidi, Associate Professor
Noa'a Shimoni, Associate Professor
Gregory Sugalski, Associate Professor
Vasanti Tilak, Associate Professor
Roger Turbin, Professor
Adanna Ukazu, Assistant Professor
Michael Vives, Professor
Walter Zahorodny, Associate Professor

School of Dental Medicine
Louis Dipede, Associate Professor
Marisa Handelman-Yellin, Assistant Professor
Craig Hirschberg, Associate Professor
Shawn Kelly, Assistant Professor
Michele Schultz, Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rose Alloteh, Associate Professor
Barbara Armas-Loughran, Associate Professor
Sylviana Barsoum, Professor
George Batsides, Associate Professor
Komal Bhatt, Assistant Professor
Swapna Borole, Assistant Professor
Christina Botti, Assistant Professor
Joel Braver, Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Carson, Distinguished Professor, with tenure
Paul Copeland, Professor, with tenure
Harry Dallmann, Assistant Professor
Lisa Denzin, Associate Professor, award of tenure
Michael Dunn, Professor, with tenure
Emine Ercikan Abali, Professor
Sandra Fahmy, Assistant Professor
Gabriela Ferreira, Associate Professor
Sherine Gabriel, Distinguished Professor, with tenure
Margaret Gilbride, Assistant Professor
Julia Grimes, Associate Professor
Shirin Hastings, Assistant Professor
Vivien Hsu, Professor
Wenwei Hu, Associate Professor, award of tenure
Shawna Hudson, Professor, with tenure
Deepa Iyer, Assistant Professor
Salma Jabbour, Professor
Valerie Jacobs, Associate Professor
Thomas Kirn, Associate Professor
Joseph Kramer, Assistant Professor
Jill Kropa, Assistant Professor
Benjamin Lentzner, Associate Professor
Karen Lin, Professor
Sara Lubitz, Associate Professor
Jonathan Mccoy, Associate Professor
Scott Mellender, Associate Professor
Daniel Morrison, Associate Professor
Sabin Motwani, Associate Professor
Denes Papp, Professor
Manish Patel, Associate Professor
Daniel Pilch, Professor, with tenure
James Prister, Assistant Professor
Kusum Punjabi, Assistant Professor
Brian Raffel, Assistant Professor
Hanin Rashid, Assistant Professor
Donald Reeves, Professor
Amardeep Saluja, Associate Professor
Federico Sesti, Professor, with tenure
Chirag Shah, Associate Professor
Ushma Shah, Assistant Professor
Usman Shah, Assistant Professor
Melissa Weidner, Assistant Professor
Alan Weller, Associate Professor
Barbie Zimmerman-Bier, Clinical Associate Professor

School of Nursing
Amita Avadhani, Associate Professor
Jill Cox, Clinical Associate Professor
Patricia Hindin, Associate Professor
Emilia Iwu, Clinical Assistant Professor
Debora Tracey, Assistant Professor

School of Public Health
Bernadette Hohl, Assistant Professor
Koshy Koshy, Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Laskin, Distinguished Professor, with tenure
Michael Pratt, Assistant Professor


Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH 
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs