Universitywide Diversity Strategic Planning Launch for RBHS

Dear RBHS Community,

Last week you received an email from the Rutgers Senior Vice President of Equity providing details of a Universitywide Diversity Strategic Planning Toolkit that will help guide the diversity strategic planning process across each Chancellor-led unit. The toolkit provides the relevant background and information regarding this universitywide process.

RBHS is fully committed to doing this important diversity strategic planning work and your engagement is essential in helping define our actionable goals toward inclusive excellence.

As a vital first step, please complete the Diversity Strategic Planning Assessment Survey to reflect on where we are now and what needs to change. We need your important voice to shape our path forward. Your participation is strictly confidential, and the survey will take, on average, 15–20 minutes to complete.  

Help us build an inclusive academy, and a beloved community—the RBHS and Rutgers University of our aspirations.  

Please reach out to with any queries you may have regarding the universitywide diversity strategic planning process for RBHS.


Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH 

Bishr Omary, MD, PhD 
Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Research

Sangeeta Lamba, MD, MS-HPEd
Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion