Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Policies

Effective July 1, 2013, The New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act provided for most schools and units of UMDNJ to be transferred to Rutgers. As a result of the ongoing process of integrating policies and procedures, you may see changes to this website and the policies. It is important to refer to Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) policies for changes following July 1st. Please also refer to Rutgers’ policies and procedures for policies that apply throughout the University, including RBHS. University wide policies related to Compliance, HIPAA, and Risk Management can be found on the Rutgers policies website along with additional information about the Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration.

All members of the Rutgers community, including students, faculty and staff in RBHS, should read and understand the policies contained within the University Policy Library. It is important to note, over the course of the integration with UMDNJ, several policies were migrated from UMDNJ, or remain from Rutgers, that do apply to all students, faculty, and staff. The table below outlines the applicability of each policy in the RBHS Policy Library and the University Policy Library. Please note: if there is a conflict between applicability as expressed in the policy, and applicability as set forth in this table, applicability as expressed in the policy governs. You may direct any questions to the Office of the RBHS Chancellor. Please find the list of all policies in Rutgers University Policy Library.


RBHS Policies for Students, Faculty & Staff

Unless otherwise stated, policies listed in this section apply to Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff within legacy UMDNJ schools (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Jersey Medical School, School of Nursing (formerly UMDNJ School of Nursing), School of Health Professions, School of Public Health, Graduate School of Biomedical Science, and Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (formerly New Jersey Dental School). 

  1. Archives: Content and Access (PDF)
  2. Clinical Affiliation Agreements (PDF)
  3. Center for Continuing and Outreach Education at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (PDF)
  4. Criminal Background Checks for Accepted Applicants and Currently Enrolled Students in RBHS (PDF)
  5. Criminal Background Checks for Applicants for RBHS Housestaff Positions (PDF)
  6. Disabilities and RBHS Students/Applicants (PDF)
  7. Drug-Free Environment (PDF)
  8. Equal Access in Public Service (PDF)
  9. Equal Education Opportunity (PDF)
  10. Faculty Pursing Educational Programs (PDF)
  11. Faculty Salary Overpayments (PDF)
  12. Graduate Medical and Dental Education (PDF)
  13. Health Care Contract Management (PDF)
  14. Hunterdon Health Fund (PDF)
  15. Indirect Costs: Clinical Trials (PDF)
  16. Indirect Costs: Non-Federal Research (PDF)
  17. Indirect Costs: Sharing (PDF)
  18. Information Classification (PDF)
  19. Licensure, Certification and Registration Requirements for Faculty and Non-Faculty Staff with Clinical Responsibilities (PDF)
  20. Limited English Proficient and Hearing/Speech Impaired Communications (PDF)
  21. Postdoctoral Appointees (PDF)
  22. Recommendations for Applicants for Admission to RBHS Educational Programs (PDF)
  23. Research Space Allocation (PDF)
  24. Standards for Distance Education (PDF)
  25. Student Accident and Health Insurance (PDF)
  26. Student and Housestaff Ombudspersons at RBHS (PDF)
  27. Student Employment at RBHS (PDF)
  28. Student Essential Functions (PDF)
  29. Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Disciplinary Procedures (PDF)
  30. Student Tuition and Fee Obligations (PDF)
  31. Student Use of Personally Owned Mobile Communication Devices/Recording Devices (PDF)
  32. Students Participating in Educational Activities Outside Rutgers or Any of its Affiliates (PDF)
  33. Students With Impairments (PDF)
  34. Transfer and Receipt of Materials (PDF)
  35. Tuition Reimbursement for Faculty (PDF)
Legacy UMDNJ

RBHS students, faculty, and staff should note the following policies found in the University Policy Library (these policies are applicable only to legacy UMDNJ).  As noted above, students, faculty, and staff should read and understand all policies contained within the University Policy Library, as applicable.

  1. Acting Appointments and Interim Appointments (PDF)
  2. Access of Individuals to Their Protected Health Information (PDF)
  3. Accounting Disclosures of Health Information (PDF)
  4. Administrative Leave (PDF)
  5. At Will Employment-formerly Terms of Employment (PDF)
  6. Background Checks for Candidates for Staff and Faculty Positions (PDF)
  7. Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)
  8. Budget Control (Legacy UMDNJ) (PDF)
  9. Compliance with Health Care Professional Responsibility & Reporting Enhancement Act-HCPRREA (PDF)
  10. Death in the Immediate Family (PDF)
  11. Employee Assistance Program (PDF)
  12. Employees With Impairments (PDF)
  13. Employment Agencies/Search Firms (PDF)
  14. Employment Status (PDF)
  15. Exempt and Non-Exempt Position Classification (PDF)
  16. Facsimile (Fax) Machine Transmittal of Confidential, Sensitive or Protected Health and Other Information (PDF)
  17. Fair Market Valuation (PDF)
  18. Focus Arrangements Database Policy and Approval Procedure (PDF)
  19. Fraud, Waste and Abuse Protection and the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (PDF)
  20. Governance of University Volunteer Use/Volunteer Processing (PDF)
  21. HIV, HBV, HCV (PDF)
  22. Holidays (PDF)
  23. Housestaff Immunizations and Health Requirements (PDF)
  24. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) (PDF)
  25. Introductory Period for Confidential Staff (PDF)
  26. Job Actions (PDF)
  27. Job Bidding and Promotion (PDF)
  28. Layoff Staff (PDF)
  29. Leave of Absence for Personal, Academic and Military (PDF)
  30. Legacy UMDNJ Policies Associated With Intellectual Property: Copyrights & Royalties (PDF)
  31. Legacy UMDNJ Policies Associated With Intellectual Property: Educational Use of Copyrighted Works (PDF)
  32. Legacy UMDNJ Policies Associated With Intellectual Property: Patents (PDF)
  33. Licensures, Registrations and Certifications (PDF)
  34. Meal Periods & Breaks (Formerly Meal Time) (PDF)
  35. Medical/FMLA Leave of Absence/NJ Paid Family Leave (PDF)
  36. Management of Occupational/Educational Exposures to HIV, HBV, and HCV (PDF)
  37. Mandatory Overtime (PDF)
  38. Merit and General Increases (PDF)
  39. Non-Standard Work Schedule (PDF)
  40. Out of Title Work (Non-Faculty Staff Only) (PDF)
  41. Outside Employment (PDF)
  42. Overtime and Holiday Pay for Non-Exempt and Temporary Staff Employee (PDF)
  43. Overtime Hours and Hours Worked on UMDNJ´s Designated Holidays – Non-Exempt Staff Employees (PDF)
  44. Parking for Employees in Legacy UMDNJ Positions (PDF)
  45. Payment of Retroactivity (PDF)
  46. Payroll Work Week Hours (PDF)
  47. Performance Evaluations (PDF)
  48. Position Classification System (PDF)
  49. Probation Period (PDF)
  50. Professional Courtesies for Health Services (PDF)
  51. Professional Services Agreement (PDF)
  52. Promotions/Reclassifications/Demotions and Salary Adjustment Guidelines (PDF)
  53. Protected Health Information - Destruction and Disposal (PDF)
  54. Recruitment Advertising (PDF)
  55. Recruitment and Selection Process (PDF)
  56. Reporting Compliance and Ethics Concerns (PDF)
  57. Request for Amendment of Individual Health Information (PDF)
  58. Requests for Restriction of Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information (PDF)
  59. Responding to Suspected violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute or for Stark Law Violations that Potentially Implicate the Anti-Kickback Statute (PDF)
  60. Responding to Suspected Violations of the Stark Law That Do Not Implicate the Anti-Kickback Statute (PDF)
  61. Sanctions for Late Appraisals (PDF)
  62. Separation from Employment (PDF)
  63. Shift Differential (PDF)
  64. Sick Time (PDF)
  65. Staff Leave Donation (PDF)
  66. Staff Personnel Records (PDF)
  67. Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (PDF)
  68. Student Immunization and Health Requirements (PDF)
  69. Tuberculosis Surveillance (PDF)
  70. Tuition Assistance Program (PDF)
  71. Unpaid Interns and Non-affiliated Internship Programs at UMDNJ (PDF)
  72. Unused Sick Leave at Retirement (PDF)
  73. Use of Occupational Medicine Services (PDF)
  74. Use of Personally-Owned Mobile Communication Devices/Recording Devices on University Premises (PDF)
  75. Use of Temporary Personnel - Contracted Agency and University Payroll (PDF)
  76. Uses and Disclosures of Health Information With and Without an Authorization (PDF)
  77. Vacating Premises (PDF)
  78. Vacation (PDF)
  79. Visitation (PDF)
  80. Voluntary Furloughs (PDF)


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